Baker Beds growing space and community clear up session 7 October 2018

If you’re local to Saltaire hopefully over the summer you have been picking from the beds on the open space opposite the playground at the end of Caroline Street which we have now called the Baker Beds. Do pick – it’s there for you.

This year we have planted what we think people might like but we would really like to know from you what you want to be grown. So far we have received requests for more fruit and herbs. So we have planted a cherry tree in the new bed adjacent to the back fence and raspberries in the little beds. There is already a wineberry there, which has quite delicious fruit, and two goji berries. We will be planting more fruit over the autumn.

The containers adjacent to the back fence were kindly built for us by students on a Prince’s Trust programme, as part of their end of course project. We have also been working with the PRU and they are using the bed on the far left as you look at the site from the road.

From the beginning we said that in developing this site we wanted to work more closely with local people and community groups and we feel that the involvement of the PRU and The Prince’s Trust helps us meet that brief. In the future we may also work with a group from Hive in Shipley, possibly creating some seating and with the Cellar Trust to provide bird boxes.

However, we would still like to hear from you about what you want grown. We are planning a clear up session on Sunday 7th October at 11.00am and it would be great if you could join us, we’ll provide some squash and biscuits. We’ll be clearing out the existing beds, planting over wintering vegetables, generally tidying up and making some bird feeders.

Hope to see you then!