About Us

Veg on the Edge are a group of local volunteers working together to create opportunities for community food growing in Saltaire, West Yorkshire (UNESCO World Heritage Site). Anyone can take part, pick produce, or simply enjoy our attractive public sites. 

What we do

We look after five growing spaces in and around the locality and you can read more about our sites here.

During the growing season (April to September) we meet every Wednesday at 6pm at the Sunday School Garden on Caroline Street. We also meet here on the first Sunday of the month throughout the year at 11am.

New pairs of hands are always welcome to come along and help tend the raised beds and plants in this space. Do get in touch if you are interested in taking part or helping us to develop our plans.

Our history

We formed in 2012 with the original aim of transforming an area of wasteland behind Shipley Fire Station into a community food garden. Unfortunately due to due constraints over securing a lease for this site from Bradford Council, we are no longer able to pursue this project.

In 2015 we began working with Sustainable Saltaire to look after the Sunday School Garden in Caroline Street car park. In 2016 we developed two new edible growing sites: Plot at Platform 1 at Saltaire Station and the Japanese Edible Garden on Exhibition Road, supported by Shipley College. We also work with Saltaire Village Society to help look after the raised beds in the Wash House Garden on Caroline Street (edge of Edward Street and Amelia Street).

Our Aims

  • To work together to reclaim areas of underused land next to our homes.
  • To transform and maintain these sites as communal food growing areas and community spaces.
  • To contribute to the general improvement of the physical environment of Saltaire and Shipley by creating attractive spaces which are reflective of their history and heritage.
  • To provide opportunities for growing to those who do not have access to space to grow their own food.
  • To develop the gardening and cultivation skills of our members.
  • To work with other groups or organisations that help promote the ethos and development aims of the group.
  • To encourage physical and mental wellbeing through participation in the group’s activities.
  • To adhere where possible and practicable to sustainable green practices, including organic principles and being wildlife friendly.
  • To ensure any growing spaces are physically accessible and inclusive, as far as is reasonably practicable.
  • To develop community cohesion within the neighbourhoods of Saltaire and Shipley.
  • To consider and promote the different opportunities that the sites can offer to new and marginalised groups of people to become involved.
  • To be financially self-sustaining.

1 thought on “About Us

  1. Charlie

    Hi there, it sounds very frustrating for you. I can only empathize. It took us a long time to get our lease at Horton Community Farm and I can appreciate the situation is different with the piece of land you are looking at. I would be interested in visiting the group and documenting some activity and asking you the questions from our survey, designed to understand better the barriers for community growers, so get in touch, Charlie [at] growbradford.org.uk


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