Latin name: Eutrema japonicum
Location: Japanese Edible Garden (though it is a perennial so you won’t see it in winter)
What it looks like: The Wasabi plant, otherwise known as the Japanese Horseradish, has heart shaped mid-green leaves each sat on top of its own leggy light green stalk which all meet in a clump at the base. 
Wild Wasabi is native to Japan and has been eaten there since 14000BC! Wasabi has only been farmed in England since around 2010.
How to eat it: Wasabi roots are ground up to make a condiment to other foods, most commonly sushi dishes. The paste should be eaten within 15 minutes of preparation to avoid losing the flavour.
More information: The Wasabi plant comes from the same family as horseradish, mustard, cauliflower and broccoli!