Latin name: Rosa
Location: Sunday School Garden
What it looks like:  Small oval shaped green leaves with jagged edges on sturdy, spiky stems.
Roses have been growing in the wild for millions of years but were more recently cultivated for gardens 5,000 years ago. The rose symbol is synonymous with the Tudors in England and the famous war of the roses between Lancastrians and Yorkists. The white rose continues to represent Yorkshire, while the red rose is used in Lancashire.
How to eat it:  You can add rose petals to ice cubes before freezing and then add to drinks to give a rose flavour. You can also make a cordial by boiling water and then adding rose petals, sugar and citric acid. You can eat the petals raw or add to baked desserts such as cakes, biscuits and sweets.
More information: Fossils of roses have been found dating back 35 million years!