Latin name: Armoracia rusticana
Location: Plot on Platform 1 (though it is a perennial so you won’t see it in winter)
What it looks like: The Horseradish plant has a mass of broad wrinkled green leaves above the ground and below is a fat solid root.
The Horseradish plant is ancient, dating back to before 1500BC in Egypt and Greece but wasn’t used in England until the 1600s (AD).
How to eat it: You can eat both the leaves and root of the Horseradish plant. To make Horseradish sauce you can peel the root, cut it into small chunks and mix with vinegar, sugar and salt before mincing. You can chop up the leaves and add them raw to salads, smoothies, soups and dressings. The older the leaves the tougher they’ll be!
More information: There is some debate over where the word Horseradish comes from but everyone agrees it has nothing to do with horses!