Latin name:Ginkgo biloba
Location: Japanese Edible Garden
What it looks like: The Ginkgo is a tree with sparse branches that have fan shaped green leaves along the length. The tree is deciduous and when the leaves are about to fall off they turn a bright yellow. 
The Ginkgo grows in China and Japan and is the only subset of the species left in the world. Some of the specimens in China are thought to be over 1500 years old!
How to eat it: The Ginkgo is nice to look at but a tricky plant to get anything edible from. The only edible part is a nut inside its very foul smelling (think dog poo/stinky cheese), poisonous fruit! Raw nuts are poisonous so should be cooked before eating and eating more than five cooked nuts a day will also lead to poisoning. If you’re allergic to cashews or mangoes you should avoid eating Ginkgo nuts. The plant and fruit itself are poisonous and can cause irritation of the skin.
More information: The Ginkgo is an endangered species.