Fennel (Bronze)

Latin name: Foeniculum vulgare
Location: Wash House Gardens (though it is a perennial so you won’t see it in winter)
What it looks like: Purple/brown coloured feathery foliage which flowers in late summer with large flower heads covered in tiny flowers.
History: Fennel is at least as old as 23AD but is not native to England and originated from the Mediterranean area.
How to eat it: Fennel has a mild aniseed taste. The leaves go well with fish, can be cooked into sauces or added raw to salads. The seeds can be added to baking or as a spice mixture for meat. The stems can be cooked as a regular vegetable or grilled with meat.
More information: Fennel is full of Vitamin C, calcium, iron and manganese. The seeds can be chewed as a breath freshener following a meal! In the past it was also hung in bunches above doorways to protect those inside from evil spirits.